At Montclair Roofing, we provide roof installation, roof repair and gutter installation and repair services throughout Montclair NJ and the surrounding areas. We construct for more than 20 years roofs, tiled roofs and gutters, of high quality and aesthetics, in homes and businesses all over New Jersey by arrangement.

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Roofing services we provide

  • Roof Installation

We specialize in all types of roof installation in Montclair and other surrounding areas. When we say roofing we mean the sloping roofs of any property that are made to shelter the whole construction, The roofing project consists mainly of tiles with wooden frames, concrete slabs or metal sheets. Give us a call to receive a free estimate for your flat roof installation.
  • Gutter System

Apart from roof installation, we also provide a wide range of gutter services. Our experienced Montclair Roofers have the right equipment such as professional tools and the know-how to secure your house from unwanted rain leaking inside and causing moisture and humidity!
  • Roof Repair

The best solution for the repair of your roof is the assignment of the project to a specialist with experience and professionalism like Montclair Roofing in Montclair and surrounding areas. The repair of an existing roof should be done carefully as to solve any water proofing problems that may already has.

Why choose Montclair Roofing near me?

Many areas around Montclair are affected by earthquakes, hurricanes and strong winds and can really damage your house and roof. Of course, sometimes the damage can’t be prevented but a strong roofing installation or roof repair can prevent accidents and disasters that can be caused by a collapsing roof.

In Montclair Roofing, we are giving the best of ourselves to make sure that every roofing project we do is excellent. We constantly deal with new projects such as roof installation and roof repairs. Our team will design and perform the whole roof construction project from start to finish. You can contact us in Montclair, New Jersey and discuss your plan about your roofing installation or repair.

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