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Our website keeps the minimum of personal data, which are needed for smooth navigation and communication with the user. We are completely accordant with the law and the GDPR provisions.

Personal Data – Privacy Policy

The Company is controller and has to administer and protect personal data of visitors and users of the website according to General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016), and to national, communal and international law about processing personal data, as it always applies.

The Company uses data of visitors (Name, Surname, E-mail, phone number, etc.), provided that these data have been registered through the contact form in the website for contacting you.

The Company uses data of visitors (e-mail), provided that the e-mail has been registered in predefined fields of the website, for reminding incomplete buy for products, which have been added and remain in the shopping bag.

The Company uses data of visitors (IP address), provided that it is allowed by them, in order to find the nearest store.

The Company uses data of visitors through the use of cookies to improve the website and to adjust to the way that visitors browse in the website and for their better experience.

Cookies: Company’s website uses cookies for collecting information. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer or other devices (smartphones, tablets) while browsing in the website. They are used to «remember», when your computer or your device has access in our websites. Cookies are necessary for website’s efficient functioning and for helping you buy online. They are also used for product and services adjustment, which are offered and advertised to you, in our websites or other websites or social media.

Certain cookies collect information about your browsing and your purchasing behavior, when you have access in a website from the same computer or device. This contains information about viewed pages, products you have purchased and your browsing in the website. We do not use cookies to collect or record information about your name, your address or other contact info. Our Company can use cookies to track your browsing and your purchasing behavior.

Data from users and transactions are considered confidential, as in ordinary transactions in a commercial store. Users, while they provide their data in the context of their transactions, they will be informed by Company, they will agree and accept the impeding processing of personal data, for the purpose of facilitating transaction between the parties.

We do not send your personal data to third parties, apart from those with whom we work and who are essential or those who facilitate our services to you, but always under conditions which totally ensure that your personal data are not processed illegally, that they are not subjected to any processing other than the purpose of the transmission according the above. Within our activities, we use third parties, such as transport undertakings, who provide services on our behalf. We inform you that the above mentioned who will accept your personal data, they perform the processing on our behalf and so, considering their place, they do not perform any processing of your data beyond the above purpose of transmission. In each case our Company will not sell or in any other way transmit or post personal data of website’s visitors/users to third parties without visitor’s/user’s explicit consent, apart from the above mentioned and with the exception of the application of relevant legal requirements, if required by a court ruling or a decision of another public authority and the competent and sole authorities.

In each case the access by people without authorization, included our employees to your personal data is forbidden.

Also, with the present is disclosed the right to information, the right to access, the right to delete, the right to opposition, the right to limit the purpose and the right to portability according to articles 12-22 of General Data Protection Regulation and applicable national legislation.

Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand why we collect your personal data and how we use them. We hope that everyone will read them carefully.

This policy is related to all of you who buy and use our product or services via our selling points (stores), via telephone, apps or via our website.

Privacy Policy of our Company relating to Personal Data Protection provides detailed information about when and why we collect your personal data, in which way we use them and processing them, and finally for how long we keep them.

Data Collection

When you visit one of our selling points (for example stores, website, social media), we ask you to provide us some information about you.

We ask and collect only the necessary data to achieve the purpose of selling products:

  1. Obligingly: name, surname, postal address, phone number, e-mail


  1. Optionally: password (in case you wish to make an account), notes/comments/reviews on the relevant field of comments in the order and communication form or/and in relevant review forms.


  1. Transactions Data via e-shop (for example payment information)


  1. Probably notes from our telephone communications for clarification about your order or comments and complaints, as well for products which you have probably chosen for a future purchase (for example favorites, wish list)


  1. Purchases you have done in the past and show your interests to allow us to purpose you a personalized purchase.


  1. Finally, it is your choice or not to share with us your data such as history- visiting data in our website or other websites and generally data which are given to us by cookies in the browser.


How we process your personal data

We process your personal data, when we will contract with you or for other purposes, such as:

  • Product orders: In order to fulfill company’s basic purpose which is selling products. Your data will be held for reasonable period in order to deliver the products and to fulfill probable contractual obligations resulting from sale (for example return, deposits) as required by law.
  • Make an account: In case you wish to make an account in order to easily watch your purchase history or to inform for company’s news etc.
  • Communication: We use your personal data in order to manage your request (for example change of shipping address) or any other difficulty, query or question result for the proper order fulfillment or request.
  • Forwarding your personal data to third parties in order to complete your order (for example courier company who will take delivery of the order).
  • Sending informative promotional message (newsletter offers, or personalized offers). Of course, you can at any time exclude from newsletter list by clicking on the relevant link at the end of each informative promotional message or if you have chosen to make a personal account, by changing related settings.
  • Sending research requests in order to improve our offered products, services and the browsing experience in our website.


Guarantees received for protecting your data

When you provide us your personal data, we take actions in order to ensure that they are safely held and managed. In order to protect your personal data, we take sufficient, natural, technical and organizational safety measures. We update and check permanently the security technology that we use. We restrict the access to your personal data only to those employees and to the company stores, which they have to know these data, in order to provide the services you wish. We also train all employees about the significance of confidentiality and safety of your personal data. Among other, we have implemented the following technical and organizational measures and proceedings to protect your personal data from any loss, corruption, illegal processing or alteration:

  • The access to your personal data is restricted only to authorized people for certain purposes
  • The access to the IT systems, which are used for processing your data is guaranteed only to authorized people
  • The access to these IT systems is monitored in order to detect and prevent immediately a non authorized access
  • Use of information system and programs for computers which have installed in a way which minimizes the use of personal data or/and user’s identification data
  • Adoption of proceedings that retain personal data and that safely delete/consume them.
  • Periodic inspection (every 5 years) and deactivation of inactive accounts


Your Rights

According to law about protecting individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (Regulation 2016/679) and on the free movement of such data, you have the possibility to exercise the following rights:

  1. Access and information

You have the right to obtain information about which data we have collected, why we collected them and how long we will hold them.

  1. Rectification

You have the right to ask to correct inaccurate personal data concerning you or to complete further information about you.

  1. Restriction and objection of processing

You have the right to ask to restrict or to object the processing of your personal data if you question the accuracy of the information we hold for you, if you realize that we process your data illegally or if you do not want any more to receive promotional messages for our products and services.

  1. Portability

You have the right to ask to transfer your personal data to another organization for you.

  1. Erasure

You have the right to ask in writing to erase all your personal data, when the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, or if you wish to withdraw your consent for data processing and if your personal data have been unlawfully processed infringing the regulation about Personal Data Protection.

  1. Lodging a complaint with the competent authority

Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent independent authority which is Personal Data Protection Authority, in case of illegal processing of your data.

Co-operating companies- Social media

The company does not transfer to anyone your personal data only in cases where is necessary in order to fulfill her main purpose which is product purchase (for example we have to transfer your data to the courier company in order to deliver your order. It is also possible where permitted by law to transfer them to third parties for transactions fulfillment, for research and promotional actions always with your consent. These third parties may be company supplying services, which provide promotional and research programs via e-mail, questionnaires. The cooperation take place by obey the confidential and safety rules of your personal data, which are used only for fulfill certain services and for a specific time, beyond which these data erase or converted anonymous and only in the form of statistical data.


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